Cake Decorating 101

You will also get a starter pack box shipped to you that includes some of the items you will need to get started making cakes at home! 

What's Included In The Class : 

Introduction to cake decorating

Chocolate Cake

Vanilla Buttercream


Stacking multiple layers


Fondant 101 

The classes are pre-recorded to take at your convenience. You have life-time access. All recipes are included. You can pause the videos at anytime to take at your own pace. Learn from professional chefs!

What's Included In Your Box:

11 Inch Turntable, 24 Icing Tips, 11 Inch Straight and Angled Icing Spatula, Cake leveler, Patter Chart, 3 Cake Comb Scraper Set, 2 Couplers, 30 Disposable Icing Bags

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